Meet Oxyvest™

The First Gen Plant-Purified Air Mask

A Product From the Future

Engineered by Nature to Purify Air Pollution

Our bio-engineered microbiome plant species purifies the air with the potency of 500 trees.

Breathe Like an AirPro

Delivering 10-12 clean breaths per minute*

Inhale the Nostalgic Sense of Nature

Transform your breath with our nature-infused air, featuring four distinct nostalgic scents.

Experience Purified Natural Air Wherever You Go

Specification & Application

Pay-Per-Breath Subscription Plans Available

Breathe naturally for as as low as $0.01 per breath. Breathe as much as you need. Cancel Anytime.

Monthly plan

The One

  • 1 Adult Unit
  • 10 breaths per minutes

$0.01 Per breath

*$6.60 per hour

Annual plan

The Trio

  • 2 Adult Units 
  • 1 Children Unit

$0.0050 Per breath

*$14,968.80 per year / per unit

Decade plan

The Family

  • 2 Adult Units 
  • 2+ Children Units

$0.0025 Per breath

*59,875.20 per decade / per unit

Trees are being cut down at a rate of one football field per second

Our mission is to pioneer portable oxygen commodities, delivering affordable clean air to all