Reimagined Tomorrow's Breathing

The Next Gen Plant-Purified Air Mask

Nothing quite beats the experience of breathing with Oxyvest. Breathe naturally as nature intended.

Engineered by Nature to Purify Air Pollution

Our innovative bio-engineered plant, Purifolia™ (Green Peperomia), purifies polluted air as powerfully as 500 trees through our microbiome and photosynthesis manipulation technology

Breathe Like an AirPro

Experience the synergy of breathing with nature, delivering 8-12* refreshing breaths per minute

Inhale the Flavor of Forgotten Nature

Transform your breath with our nature-infused air, featuring four distinct nostalgic scents: Grass, Moss, Mountain Air, and our most popular Lost Forest

Breathe With Style Wherever You Go

Specs & Application

Pay-Per-Breath Subscription Packages Available

Breathe naturally for as low as $0.01 per breath. Breathe as much as you need. Cancel anytime.

Monthly plan

The Solo

  • 1 Adult Unit
  • Plant care

$0.01 Per breath

*$6.60 per hour / based on 11 breaths per minute

Annual plan

The Trio

  • 2 Adult Units 
  • 1 Children Unit

$0.0050 Per breath

*$14,968.80 per year / per unit based on 11 breaths per minute

Decade plan

The Family

  • 2 Adult Units 
  • 2+ Children Units

$0.0025 Per breath

*59,875.20 per decade / per unit based on 11 breaths per minute

Breathe now, pay over time

No credit? No problem with Oxyvest.

Approved for up to 5000 breaths, no credit required.

Amidst trees disappearing at a rate of one football field per second, our mission is to pioneer portable oxygen solutions, ensuring affordable access to clean air for all.