The world’s first bio-filter air mask.
For when you can’t depend on nature.

Pure air is
becoming rare.


While we pump out contaminants and cut down forests,


high-quality air is becoming a coveted commodity.

Engineered by nature.


The living plant in the cylinder acts as a super bio-filter.


It absorbs VOCs and CO2 from the outside air


and produces clean oxygen.

Take a breather.


OxyVest™ protects against viruses, air pollution,


smog, pollen, allergens, and bacteria no matter


where you go.


Breathtaking technology



Filter the air even where the sun don’t shine,
so you can breathe easy indoors & out.


Filters and balances CO2 / O2 distribution
in the cylinder to sustain the plant’s environment
and maximize the bio-filtration process.


Autonomous self-care system maintains
supply of superfood nutrients and water
to maximize photosynthesis while controlling
the plant’s life span and filtration capacity.

Filter in – filter out™

Filtering both inhale & exhale airflow protects
the plant and your social environment while
maintaining a low carbon footprint.

A boost per breath.


Clean and natural air boosts the immune system,


lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, and improves focus,


mood, and even sleep.

The next generation
of breathing.


Designed in multiple sizes & colors.


Adult: 28″ x 9″ (31 Lbs / 14.06 Kg)

Kids : 18″ x 6″ (18 Lbs / 8.16 Kg)


* Custom colors and sizes are available upon request.

Introducing Lifetube™
Breathe in flavor.


Lifetube™ exchangeable cylinder comes in 4


natural flavors.  


Subscribers eligible for unlimited monthly exchange.

subscription plans.


Pay as little as $0.1 per breath.


Breathe as much as you need. Cancel anytime.


*Roughly $9.6 per hour for average user.

Introducing Oxybike™
Ride through nature.




Coming to retail.


Flagship location:

Manhattan, New York City.